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Fear Follower Carolyn Van

Carolyn Van is an educator, a technologist and innovation shi(f)t disturber. She has helped individuals and organizations take risks through product design, partnerships, digital communication strategies and business process design. She believes that meaningful and impactful innovation starts with sheer vulnerability and empathy.

On March 19th 2014, Carolyn’s life took a sudden and massive turn. She was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer. While she has no problem sharing her professionally vulnerable moments, publicly sharing her personal battle with cancer is a fear she has actively decided to stare dead right in the eye.

She has been unapologetically documenting some of her unravelling highest of highs and lowest of lows on CVKickingCancersAss.com.

“The risk, uncertainty and emotional exposure that come along with vulnerability has changed the way I lead, live, create, teach, learn, love and communicate” – Carolyn Van