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Fear Follower Tamar Melissa Huggins

Ambitious, Confident and Focused. Tamar is known for achieving ambitious results through her keen competitive spirit, unwavering confidence and her drive to consistently raise the bar. In 2012 Tamar founded DRIVEN Accelerator Group Inc. the first, and only early stage startup accelerator committed to building transformative tech companies led by underrepresented entrepreneurs. Tamar is also the mastermind behind TechSpark a technological entrepreneurship program developed for the advancement of at-risk youth in Toronto. Tamar contributes to The Huffington Post and Business Blogs Hub, and is currently authoring her first book Redefining Rebellion.

Natural introvert, Tamar will discuss the paralyzing and stagnating fear of public speaking which stems from a deep rooted fear of rejection. Rejection is one of the most self destructing yet common fears that often start from childhood, and follow the individual through many aspects of their adult lives. Tamar will share the intimate moments where she faced rejection and how her fear of public speaking was developed, and the steps she is currently taking to follow her fear.