Fear Follower Geoff Doner

Hello! My name is Geoff Doner Hey! I’m afraid of a lot of things, terrified even. I am often paralyzed by fear and anxiety and I experience this most when I’m attempting to try something new. I guess my biggest fear is lying on my deathbed NOT having realized my true nature. I’m a songwriter […]

Fear Follower Dave Pearce

Dave spent two seasons writing for George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, and was Assistant Director for the hit Second City revue, We Can Be Heroes. He is also co-founder of 3-time Canadian Comedy Award winner Slap Happy Improvisational Theatre Company with whom he’s toured North America and Europe. In his heart of hearts, Dave is terrified you’ll […]

Fear Follower Brie Pawlak

The fear I am following is being willing to risk public humiliation and making a total fool of myself as a TED talk speaker.  For this Follow Your Fear Day as a step towards that goal I am presenting a talk based on “Confessions of a Perfectionist – Being Willing to Look Stupid!”.  This 6 […]

Fear Follower Thomas K Jones

What would you do if your doctor told you that you had two months to live on Christmas Eve? This is the story of my wife of 49 years who was given this diagnosis on Dec. 24th, 2013 & died on Feb. 24th, 2014. This presentation will be about the two months a husband & […]

Fear Follower Tamar Melissa Huggins

Ambitious, Confident and Focused. Tamar is known for achieving ambitious results through her keen competitive spirit, unwavering confidence and her drive to consistently raise the bar. In 2012 Tamar founded DRIVEN Accelerator Group Inc. the first, and only early stage startup accelerator committed to building transformative tech companies led by underrepresented entrepreneurs. Tamar is also […]