Fear Follower Carolyn Van

Carolyn Van is an educator, a technologist and innovation shi(f)t disturber. She has helped individuals and organizations take risks through product design, partnerships, digital communication strategies and business process design. She believes that meaningful and impactful innovation starts with sheer vulnerability and empathy. On March 19th 2014, Carolyn’s life took a sudden and massive turn. […]

Fear Follower Dimetre Alexiou

Dimetre Alexiou followed his fear this year because he opened his big fat mouth a few years ago. If you’re a man or woman of your word, watch what words you say. When he’s not scaring the bejeezus out of himself, Dimetre works behind the scenes in film and television, writing screenplays or performing as […]

Fear Follower Elan Marko

Elan Marko is a Business Coach for Entrepreneurs, Host of the Business Basecamp Podcast, Musician, Rock climber, Community Builder and Pay-it-Forward enthusiast. He is a passionate about working with entrepreneurs to grow their business, work smarter not harder and have more time so that they can do what they love and love what they do. […]